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Martha Mead

Founder & CEO

Combining years of experience with passion and understanding of the non- profit and governmental arena, Martha and the Streamlines team are eager to continue helping your organization grow and succeed.

Upon retirement from 33 years of state service in 2007, I accepted a part-time job with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS). The DVS Commissioner had a vision of establishing a behavioral health and traumatic brain injury program that would help Virginians returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with the stress resulting from military service. Working with Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Services Organizations, DVS, the Virginia General Assembly, other state agencies, the Virginia National Guard, the Veterans Healthcare Administration and many other significant contributors, we created the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program (VWWP). VWWP is now known as Virginia Veteran and Family Support (VVFS) to better reflect its comprehensive role in helping veterans and families. Through a regional network, VVFS connects veterans and families to services available from the VA, local providers and public and private organizations. You can learn more about this program and the services of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services at www.virginiaforveterans.com<

While working with DVS, I was able to successfully write a number of grant proposals that funded services expansion. In 2014, I decided to go back to the University of Richmond, School of Philanthropy, and pursue a certificate in grant writing and grants management. Upon completing that program, I incorporated StreamLines on May 22, 2014.

I’m working now with several nonprofit groups, helping them expand their services with corporate and foundation resources. I partnered with the Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance and Kova Digital on a project for the Virginia Community College System. Our partnership identified and mapped all of the assets in Virginia for veterans’ education, training and employment. We conducted a gap analysis and extensive literature review, and provided recommendations to the Governor’s Board of Workforce Development for strategic planning and improvements. I’m working with the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to update a number of departmental instructions for the operation of state facilities. I’ve recently been elected President of Chesterfield Alternatives, Inc., which provides housing for persons with behavioral health and developmental disabilities.

I am happy to talk with you about your project management or grant-writing needs. Just give me a call, text or email.

I founded StreamLines in 2014 as an extension of my career in Virginia state government. I am proud to be a native Virginian, hailing from Lunenburg County. My family has a long history of public service, serving our state and nation in the Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My passion has always been understanding the structures that support our state’s and nation’s ability to help those in need. I graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in political science. This led me to pursue my first job in state government and eventually to land my “dream job” working with the General Assembly. In 1976, I joined the Virginia Division of Legislative Services, drafting legislation and providing staff support for the Assembly committees that provide statutory guidance, policy and funding for health and human services and education as well as public safety, juvenile justice and corrections. I worked for a member of the Virginia House of Delegates while pursuing a Master of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University. While in the MBA program, I worked for the University of Virginia, the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget, the State Corporation Commission Bureau of Insurance and the Virginia Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.

After graduation from the MBA program I re-entered state government and eventually landed a position with the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation as Director of Legislation and Public Relations. I stayed in this job for 20 years, through a lot of change and turbulence. But it was an exciting time when behavioral health systems all over the country were moving toward the expansion of community care and treatment. In those 20 years, the services system and the lives of millions of people transformed dramatically. No longer were people locked away in institutions. Community services now support individuals with behavioral health and developmental disabilities to remain at home, with their families, in their communities and provide the help they need to be empowered and productive citizens.

Youth Development

  • Education & Growth
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Morals, Manners, Respect

Preserving Our Rights

  • Responsible Government
  • Patriotism & Expression
  • Guarding Religious Freedom

Employment Assistance

  • Preventing Homelessness
  • Transitioning Veterans
  • Ensuring Success for Women

Preserving Nature

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Love of Service Animals
  • Green Space Preservation

Walkable Communities

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  • Safety for Children
  • Respect and Dignity for Elders


  • Behavioral Health
  • Veterans & Government
  • Re-Entry from Prisons

Our Mission

Enabling entrepreneurs to realize their visions addressing significant community issues, including, youth development, employment, sustaining communities, supporting our state and nation and preserving nature.

Our Vision

Our Vision is providing resources to strengthen and sustain communities, future generations, and those who have served and sacrificed for our country.